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3A Green Paint: paint the countryside urgently address the four major challenges – paint, go to the


3A Green Paint: paint the countryside urgently address the four major challenges – paint, go to the

Article by hi joiney

After 2009, the central and the State Department that ” Home Appliances Countryside, Car Countryside, Agricultural Machinery The countryside, “and” Building Materials The countryside “surfaced in 2010, the central first document clearly stated,” seize the current rapid growth of rural housing and building materials supplies in sufficient time to support the farmers housing as an important measure to expand domestic demand to take effective measures to promote building materials to rural areas, to encourage qualified to support local farmers through various forms according to the law as required by the building occupied housing. “

China Building Materials Federation provided data, materials consumption is in rural areas, farmers pillar consumer behavior, “Building the countryside” policy will boost domestic consumption 5500-6000 million. Preliminary estimates, the “building materials to the countryside” policy for three years with about 1.8 trillion yuan to boost consumption.

However, recent news to comprehensive, relevant departments are still under investigation related to construction materials around the countryside in the final Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Industry, the Department of housing construction and other related departments will jointly develop the program, and then submitted to the State Council. The “Building the countryside” specific policies will be announced, there is no clear timetable. Nevertheless, the major building materials sub-industry has some well-known and powerful enterprises around the “countryside” has done a lot of work.

Which Paint, Ceramics, windows, sanitary companies to start planning early on three or four lines market development, channel sink intensified, for the rural market analysis, positioning and developing a trial is also in full swing, some brand paint not only launched a special surface The high cost to the rural market products, and channel extension has been done township level. Since last year, the “China Top Ten brand paint,” said the 3A Environmental protection Paint have in Hubei, Anhui, Jiangxi, Guangxi and other places more than marketing summit organized row, winning hundreds of dealers to take part, and further speed up the layout and open up rural markets.

Recently 3A relevant person in charge of environmental protection paint, said in an interview, paint a smooth development of the countryside, there is need to address four major challenges, including the construction of rural marketing networks, high-cost rural market-oriented products, services and Painting service point, the countryside paint brands screening.

To marketing outlets, for example, needs a paint brand dealerships at the township level, and to provide follow-up services, as paints are semi, after buying back the need for painting, there are certain technical requirements, which requires businesses service points in various settings, or training, the establishment of a local oil carpentry team.

The other hand, many manufacturers of the coatings industry, there are thousands of manufacturers, particularly in some areas there are still many small brand, screening them quite complex, so the need for a more standardized criteria to filter the appropriate brand, quality and service in certain requirements must be achieved to ensure that residents can rest assured that products and good service.

According to report, 3A green paint had earlier launched a new rural development environmental protection paint, and carpentry in building teams and after-sales service system, the oil has accumulated several years experience and has been the practice of building with new cases in rural areas, such as ” First off outside the county “Suizhong new rural construction, take 30 cultural sites and other decorative work, also have to bear the Qinghai-Tibet Railway, the tree along the railway site, Baise Townscape old revolutionary base areas such as performance requirements on environmental protection, very high priority Tu loading Project.

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