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How to deal with a poor application of Behr Top of the Line Primer/Paint Paint!


How to deal with a poor application of Behr Top of the Line Primer/Paint Paint!

Article by Sonny Landau

How we are solving a situation using Behr Paint top of the line primer and paint.

Yesterday a prospective customer asked us St Louis House Painting to provide a quote on finishing painting of a new home where the original painted was asked to leave. There are some paints which need a true professional to apply rather than a home owner of someone not familiar with the correct procedure to apply a high build thick paint product.

We spent half a day speaking and researching how we were going to solve the problem of the uneven application of this product and the removal of the globs of paint due to poor application.

We are going to spackle over the globs very tightly and then apply via spary a latex primer. We are not going to do a touch up but we are going to do a complete repaint of all the walls after we sold the problems where the wall color was painted on the ceilings.

It will not be a “touch up” but will be a complete repaint as it is truly the only way that we will get for the nice couple who are fist time home owners a quality product to compliment their beautiful home!

We have given the cusomer an outstanding price as we undertand that they already paid once. The support staff of Behr in California and in St Louis were of great assistance in offering their expertise in how we should do this repair. We could have just done a touch up and hoped for the best; but then we would end up doing the job over again and we would have too much mileage on the walls. We also have a high humidity at this time of year and would not have time for the paint to dry to really see what the paint would look like when it had cured. So, we chose to do the complete job over and have the best quality finish that the customer could have and not do anything less. Please consider allowing St Louis Painting 314-520-4440 to be your painting contractor of choice.

Sonny Landau has ownere St Louis House Painting also referred to as St Louis House Painting since 1975. They employee union trained quality painters with years of painting experience. Their pricing is affordable as skilled labors provide production quality workmanship.

Sonny is a native of St Louis and a third generation house painter.

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