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Promotion of small technology beauty – beauty salons, beauty care – beauty salon industry


Promotion of small technology beauty – beauty salons, beauty care – beauty salon industry

Article by hi joiney

Generally speaking, if the beauty salon beauty salons want to improve the visibility through promotions, will be important to regulate salons of customer profiles. If you wish to increase sales of beauty salons, it should be according to the selling season to develop a compelling marketing, regular promotions, such as Dianqing, New Year, Chinese New Year, Valentine’s Day, May 1, National Day. One of the most crucial point is that customer’s birthday, many successful salons will send the customer a warm birthday wishes during the same time, and ultimately, to give customers a free nursing care. Such promotions are often unexpected results can be achieved.

According to the different festivals, targeted to consumers under 20% of properties to develop more effective marketing programs before, you know, for the level of beauty is concerned, not to all consumers, promotion is All right. Choosing the right promotions

Recently introduced a number of free plastic body to do the image of man-made beauty spokesman promotions, and aroused a great sensation. Plastic bodies such promotions attract media attention not only to look, and has good economic benefits. In the promotion period, the turnover of these plastic body growth rate of more than 500%. Therefore, a good sales promotion will not only increase sales, promote better awareness, thus saving a large amount of publicity expenses.

Beauty salon promotions roughly three categories, a price discount with the discount, this approach is usually reflected in the membership in the beauty salon, the number of beauty through the points system to implement the price discount. Second, giving care and gifts. Such gifts and holiday promotions often linked, such as Christmas, many salons will be donated a number of Christmas gifts. Third, promote the theme, a number of upscale beauty salons will be held at some of Sharon, to open some beauty courses, such promotions generally more suitable for large-scale beauty salon.

Promotions choose a suitable essential. During the holidays, most salons will carry out promotion, each store has every store promotions, not necessarily a gimmick, can cause a great sensation, the promotion is good. Have a beauty salon in the New Year period to promote their beauty cream products, in the community to transform open selection freckles beauty, then beauty cream products because of its rebound, and later led to plummeting sales of beauty salons. Therefore, most of the beauty salon, the best promotions is not to play to the gallery, but should be targeted.

According to its conditions and to develop practical marketing strength, and this is beauty to holiday promotion the key issues to be considered. For example, some beauty salon has just opened, it is necessary to implement large-scale holiday promotion, if the face of this beauty is the civilian consumption, this approach is feasible; if your position is high-end positioning, then do not see this promotion must have a good effect, but will affect future business.

Publicity is a key element in promotion, which directly affect the success or failure of marketing. But good publicity is not advertised, but targeted. Holidays population movement in the large number of beauty salons in the blocks selected in this way to distribute publicity leaflets. The popular type of mass consumption, this form of publicity can really play good publicity, high-end salons are generally stable and loyal customer base of consumers, so the best choice for DM post, if the promotion attractive enough Such promotions often achieve the desired effect.

Holiday promotional emphasis is on targeted, purposeful, with the best means, the minimum cost maximum effect. Therefore, the holiday promotion is not to pursue a lively illusion, but through the promotion effect in the form of potential consumers, thus enhancing turnover. Promotion not only for the consumer, should be beauty salon products and projects. If the beauty of new products or projects, the best promotions to drive through the holidays, is commonly used by mature products and projects to promote new products and sales of new projects, while some of the gifts or gift distribution.

General, holidays, suppliers will provide the appropriate promotion, therefore, beauty salons in line with manufacturers as far as possible through the supplier of promotional products to enhance the beauty of awareness, promoting other products and projects sales. This means leveraging the previous, often to achieve a multiplier effect.

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