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The renovation must see: the three standard color green paint – paint, environmental protection, bra


The renovation must see: the three standard color green paint – paint, environmental protection, bra

Article by hi joiney

Color for people with physical and mental potential impact, especially in the living environment, a greater impact for the people. Correct choice of the appropriate color match and Environmental protection The application of color will help to maintain physical and mental health and adjustment, rather than when the color choice, bad mood may continue to deteriorate, and even affect their health. So Decoration When it is necessary to use pure green color of color, the potential use of color language, for the corresponding Home Color with the design. However, in the end what color is green, and what to do with color is most appropriately for the new to the majority of owners in terms of decoration, not quite understand, this is a standard of reference. We look at paint colors, there are three major standards can not be ignored. Standard one: Paint APEO and color can not contain formaldehyde, low VOC, while the net with excellent fresh taste ability, child room dedicated milk Glue Paint volatile organic compounds (VOC) content should be lower, tend to zero, in particular, these compounds can not contain APEO. Now, mainly environmental paint 3A’s “Colorful Life” pure color system to reach this number of technical indicators, according to last year the world’s largest third-party testing organizations test showed that the Swiss SGS institutions, and VOC control in APEO already ahead of European standards. 3A “Colorful Life” pure color system, the first full color by Europe’s highest security level system, the analysis shows, 3A launch this “Colorful Life” is the highest level of environmental protection in China market, the color system. The domestic market is still a large number of colored Paint Contains a large number of widely used VOC, a large number of APEO colorant compounds on the human body, particularly pregnant women and children, very harmful. Although the use of solvents has been greatly reduced, but harmful APEO a class of alkylphenol ethoxylates surfactants are still widely used, the content of some famous brands over 2000mg/Kg, the highest detection reached 20000mg / Kg, this product in the strict environmental regulations have long been banned in Europe Sell . This phenomenon is particularly worth consumers attach great importance to pay attention to APEO and VOC standards. Standard 2:: to keep the color should be prominent on the performance, because the fading problems not only affect the room’s appearance, resulting in poor visual effects, and will affect the residents feel. This mainly depends on the brand used by various coating techniques specific color, paint and other current environmental 3A main application of the latest well-known brand paint pigment technology crystal, a very good solution to light, brilliant colors fade easily the problem of super-lock color, color retention sex. Standard 3: To follow the pure color with environmental standards, the main effect of the overall coating can refer to the mainstream of current color trends, such as some of the more natural, blending the colors of nature series, including the grasslands of the green, pastoral yellow, ocean blue, natural white and black, warm red, purple and other colors romantic series. 3A green paint color in the launch strategy for the same time, issued in 2010 Home improvement Color six trends: environmental and ecological, warm feeling Harbour, blooming hope, recreation space, eternal romance, as well as child care for children, gorgeous dream, people-oriented, caring people, for different people offer different programs, environmental trends in the natural care because the Conservation of Nature is to protect themselves, leisure space to relax, because only relax in order to better develop themselves. Similarly, whether the owners or designers when choosing paint colors, so long as the “people” start, then the best color will be painted to create the most satisfying home! It is understood that environmental protection in the paint shop in 3A have dedicated service centers of color, that is, “Se Ji Shi” Colorful life of distribution centers, there can be modulating the market on all major brands of any color. Familiar with these three criteria, and we understand some well-known brand paint color system and the introduction of environmental elements, the renovation of a beautiful, healthy and comfortable home will go a long way.

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