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Oil Painting Strategies – The Numerous Ways to Use Oil Paint


Oil Painting Strategies – The Numerous Ways to Use Oil Paint

Article by Locer23 Handrey

Oil Painting Strategies – The Numerous Ways to Use Oil Paint – Business

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paint is 1 of the most versatile and adaptable painting mediums in existence nowadays. There are a lot of methods and results possible with oil paint. Oil paint can be used in thin clear glazes or washes, or the paint can be mixed to a thick buttery consistency and applied working with a painting knife. There truly seems to be no end to the great methods you can produce art with this wonderful painting medium. This write-up will converse about some of the numerous strategies you can use oil paint.

Dry brush

The dry brush process will involve using a small volume of oil paint straight from the tube. It is then brushed thinly onto your assist with a bristle brush. This process works especially well with a tough floor. The raised areas of your surface pick up the paint, though the dips or valleys in your assistance do not. This generates a damaged shade result exactly where the colour of your canvas exhibits as a result of.

Painting On A Toned Ground

The white of a canvas can sometimes be also brilliant or have way too significantly distinction which tends to make starting a painting a little bit tough. When you cover your assistance with an uniform toned floor, it can make it significantly less complicated to decide the values in your painting. You can use any colour you like to tone your floor actually, but the more common approach is to use warm tones of red, yellows and browns, which give a fantastic richness to the completed function.

Right here is an case in point of how to paint on a toned ground employing Burnt Umber and Yellow Ochre. Very first you make the clean by mixing the Burnt Umber and Yellow Ochre together with a paint thinner (use turpentine, or if you are like me, and are allergic to turpentine, use a drinking water soluble oil paint). Apply the combination generously to your assist and completely cover it with a huge bristle brush. Permit this mixture stand for a few of minutes and then wipe off the excess clean with a cloth.

Alla Prima Painting

Alla Prima painting, also identified as “direct painting”, is a technique of oil painting wherever the work is usually finished in just one sitting. You are almost certainly accustomed with the artist Bob Ross, who manufactured this painting system rather well-known on his Television Demonstrate. I am certain like me, you watched Bob paint in amazement as he finished a gorgeous painting in less than thirty mintues.

The paint is used damp onto wet immediately onto the canvas typically with no underpainting or sketches. It might be a very good strategy in the beginning to lay down a sketch with some thinned down oil paint. This way you will have a standard strategy where your colors will be put. You have to be mindful making use of this process as your painting can become fairly muddy if you do not utilize the colours the right way on your canvas. It requires follow, so don’t be discouraged if your 1st, 2nd or even 3rd painting does not come out the way you predicted. Maintain working towards and let your creativeness run wild. As Bob employed to say, “It really is Your World”.

Working With Painting Knives

If you have never worked with painting knives, then it is very encouraged that you give them a consider. This kind of painting technique is incredibly different from standard brush painting and when you lay down your 1st stroke of paint with a painting knife, you will right away see why. Painting with a knife can be best described as spreading butter on a piece of bread and you really should hold your painting at a butter or cream like consistency when working with painting knives. Do not use your palette knives to paint with. They have a different development and are not manufactured for painting. Painting knives have more flexibility to them and occur in a wide variety of different designs and measurements. You can manipulate paint in a wide variety of various strategies with a knife just by modifying your hand place on the handle. You can maintain your hand down reduced on the handle to smear the paint through your support. Move your hand up to the top of the handle and you can use your finger to gently push the blade into the paint to generate modest dabs of colour. You can also turn your knife blade on its facet for scraping away paint or for developing difficult lines.


If you never ever produced a painting utilizing the glazing technique, then you really should absolutely give this an attempt as well. Your painting will have a distinct look then if you had been to comprehensive a painting making use of classic color mixing techniques. Glazing tends to give hues a lot more luminescence. The hues are not mixed jointly initial ahead of applying, fairly, they are blended optically working with simple transparent layers of colour. For instance, if you needed to produce the colour green using glazes, you would not blend yellow and blue together on your palette 1st. You would first utilize a thin glaze of blue, wait till it dries, then apply a skinny glaze of yellow, which would then create your green. Every single layer need to be totally dry before making use of subsequent layers. Generally, the initial action in employing the glazing method is to produce a monochromatic (different values of the similar colour) underpainting of the subject matter. Using only 1 coloring will assist you to concentration on form and tone very first, instead than becoming too preoccupied with shade at this stage. Wait around till your less than painting is dry to start off making use of your first layer of color. This approach is challenging and does necessitate practice, but it is not as challenging as some may lead you to imagine.

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