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There Are Lots Of All Inclusive Holidays To Turkey Available So You Can Experience Istanbul, 2010 European City of Culture


There Are Lots Of All Inclusive Holidays To Turkey Available So You Can Experience Istanbul, 2010 European City of Culture

Article by Jennifer Smith

There Are Lots Of All Inclusive Holidays To Turkey Available So You Can Experience Istanbul, 2010 European City of Culture – Travel

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This year Istanbul is excited to announce the the European Union has declare them The European City of Culture for 2010, allowing the city a year to showcase its unique cultural life and development to the rest of the world. Many other cities that have been honoured with the title have experience a noticeable rise in tourism and pride in their city and Istanbul hopes its year in the spotlight will give the tourism and cultural economy a valuable boost.

all inclusive holidays to Turkey, especially Istanbul, have been popular for some time now because of its rich history and modern amenities that coexist together in the city. The combination of old and new brings a full, affordable experience to cheap holidays in Turkey. With a plethora of ancient historic buildings found among the innovative, new art galleries and museums, Istanbul is a holiday destination with so much to offer that holidaymakers will want to return again and again. The bright lights of Istanbul’s night life offer a draw to visitors and locals alike with live music, great drinks and good food at the ready.

Treat yourself on all inclusive holidays to Turkeythis year in the 2010 European City of Culture. Cultural activities abound in Istanbul that, before the culture designation by the European Union, were not available before. cheap holidays to Turkeyhave now become rife with rich experiences.

The brand new venue for The Sanat Limani Art Centre, opening on July 30th, will feature four new and exciting exhibitions. These new exhibits are focused on Japanese photography in collaboration with Japanese photographers over the past year.

With 41 events to happen over 11 days beginning July 29th, and presenting itself as another focus of the City of Culture 2010 itinery, The Siral Creative Music Studio in Istanbul is geared up for the tourist influx. There will be stage performances and shows for all to enjoy. The music studio is also offering workshops and seminars with some renowned music masters for those that wish to learn from the best. It is so exciting to have such opportunities offered while on cheap holidays to Turkey.

Holidaying here will mean you are automatically invited to be a part of The nine Istanbul Prince Island’s first Istanbul Prince Islands Culture and Arts Festival. All inclusive holidays to Turkey can include this festival where free events will be available for all ages. A festival worthy of the Istanbul 2010 European City of Culture, the events will include music, literature, photography and performing arts.

This is just a small taste of what is on offer in Istanbul, the city of culture, this year. By taking advantage of the cultural designation as the 2010 European City of Culture, visitors have opportunities that have never before been offered on cheap holidays to Turkey. These opportunities have been created as a result of the European Union’s cultural honour, but they are not temporary opportunities. Istanbul, like other cities before it, will use this opportunity to enhance and expand cultural pursuits for everyone, locals and holiday makers alike.

Istanbul also has its famous and traditional landmarks to share on all inclusive holidays to Turkey. The Blue Mosque is perhaps Istanbul’s most famous landmark. Visible for miles around, this iconic structure hails Turkey’s rich history. The Grand Bazaar is a renowned shopping experience for worldwide visitors that is not likely to be soon forgotten. The main street is full of touristy shops and stalls while the side streets offer the locals things that are wanted and needed in daily life. Exploring all this will give travellers a sense of the world of Istanbul to keep with them forever.

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Jen Smith works in the travel industry and writes articles based on the world’s top destinations and the latest holiday offers.

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Jennifer Smith

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