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The Secret Spa Fitness Center Celebrities Don't Want You to Know About!


The Secret Spa Fitness Center Celebrities Don't Want You to Know About!

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Have you heard? There is a Secret Sexy Weight loss Spa in West Hollywood, California that the Celebrities don’t want you to know about! That’s right, I have uncovered the Secret!

This Spa not only has first class work out equipment, (more on that later) it is Holistic! Meaning all Natural! No Pills, No Heart Attacks, No Dangerous Heart Attacks and Side Effects!

Let’s start with the work out equipment. Normally when you go to the gym, there is the Treadmill, The Stair Master, The Running Machine, The Spinning Machine, The loud music and everyone like Robots “WORKING OUT”. Pain, Grinding, Hard Work, Sweat! The Old Saying, No Pain, No Gain is in FULL EFFECT! Think “Rocky Working Out”, Gruesome, Grilling!

Not this Spa. First let me start by saying. Ok, I will shout it, “I HATE WORKING OUT!!” Woo so glad to get that out of my system! I work out then I quit, then I binge, then I hate myself! A cycle I have battled my Entire Adult Life. I felt deprived, like I could never ever, enjoy food because then I would have to run 100 miles to work off that damn CUPCAKE! ARRGGHH! The Pain!

This Spa takes the NO PAIN, NO GAIN, BOOT CAMP, stigma out of working out. The State of the Art Equipment that does the Work for you! It specifically is designed to hit target areas and cellulite, and inner thighs, and front thighs, and mid back, and the bra line, and the mid-section, on this INCREDIBLE machine that SHAKES YOU SKINNY! Ok, I won’t scream anymore, but I am so excited I can’t contain myself!

Check out the photos of the Equipment!



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