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Once again, New York Fashion Week 2016 proved itself to be one of the most aesthically pleasing spectacles in the world. From virtual reality perfume ads to high-fashion on cemetery grounds there was no shortage of innovative creativity throughout the nine day extravaganza.

New York Life Magazine served as your correspondent from the very beginning with our exclusive live streaming of Tom Ford’s ready to wear AW16 line. The recap has been made available for those who missed it.

Charlotte Tilsbury

We then found ourselves at Samsung 837 as I attended makeup czar’s Charlotte Tilsbury’s unveiling of her new fragrance “Scent of a Dream”.

(L-R) Olivia Palemero, Charlotte Tilsbury's, Johannesburg Huebl, Image courtesy of Paul Morigi
(L-R) Olivia Palemero, Charlotte Tilsbury’s, Johannesburg Huebl, Image courtesy of Paul Morigi

The state of the art event center, Samsung 837, proved to be an excellent host for the glamour event. Makeup stations, selfie kiosks, overflowing cocktails and an innovative virtual reality roller coaster entertained scores of cosmetic enthusiasts. As much fun as the aforementioned aspects were, none captivated more than Tilbury’s virtual reality perfume experience featuring the iconic Kate Moss.

Kate Moss filming VR ad for Charlotte Tilbury's fragrance "Scent of a Dream"
Kate Moss filming VR ad for Charlotte Tilbury’s fragrance

This landmark moment epitomized the convergence of fashion and technology at it’s core with the world’s first 360 degree virtual reality experience. The two minute ad scentilates the senses as you’re absorbed into an immersive virtual world. All in all, this event was extraordinary on several levels and exciting for makeup enthusiasts and non-makeup enthusiasts, alike.

Simon Miller

Simon Miller’s unveiling of it’s Spring/Summer ’17 collection was also a sight to see as well. This subtle yet rugged line was casted in an eerie spotlight as it was displayed at the New York City Marble Cementary. Designers Daniel Corrigan and Chelsea Hanford sourced inspiration from the mountains of Yamagata, Japan and found the envelope pushing location to be the perfect backdrop. There was an undeniable beauty to the moment when texture met landscape, landscape met model, and model met the ready to wear collection.

Image courtesy of Tommy Ton
Simon Miller Muse, Image: courtesy of Tommy Ton

Sprinkle in a bevy of aesthically pleasing parties and you discover that covering fashion week is a marathon not a sprint. You also discover capturing all of the sights and sounds is virtually impossible. Yet what you are able to endure and capture is sure to leave a lasting impression.

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