Inspirational Rapper JoneZen With Two Nominations For His Live From Rehab Album

~ LA Music Awards Nominates the Inspirational Rapper ‘JoneZen’ with Two Nominations for his ‘Live From Rehab’ Album ~ Hollywood, CA (August 6th, 2013) – The ultra-talented and inspirational hip-hop rap artist Chris Jones A.K.A JoneZen ( based out of Los Angeles, has recently been nominated for two music awards at the prestigious 23rd Annual … Read more

Wood Luck High-end Wood-framed Sunglasses


WoodLuck USA Official Reseller Of WoodLuck Eyewear WoodLuck USA is proud to announce that the year 2013 has been extremely successful, after helping thousands of American consumers to get their hands on some of the finest and highest quality WoodLuck eyewear products available on the market. Currently, WoodLuck USA is the only company, based within … Read more



~ LA Music Awards Nominates Abby Cubey In 3 Categories for Dance Anthem ‘Feel My Fire’ ~ Triple threat Abby Cubey ( is an electronica dance artist rapidly on the rise to stardom. This talented young singer song-writer has just been nominated for 3 music awards at the prestigious 23rd Annual Los Angeles Music Awards … Read more

Yuck! What’s On That Soda Can? CBS 11′s I-Team Finds Out

germ soda can

Yuck! What’s On That Soda Can? CBS 11′s I-Team Finds Out (CBS 11 NEWS) – Pop the top of your favorite soda can and you can expect to find carbonated water, sugar, even sodium. But how about stenotrophomonas maltophilia, pseudomonas luteola, and enterobacter cloacae? CBS 11 tested 20-cans from inside North Texas grocery stores, gas … Read more

THAI ARTIST Terracotta RELEASE “MV: CHEMICAL” Releases brand new tracks via Blue Rhythm Records

THAI ARTIST Terracotta RELEASE “MV: CHEMICAL” Releases brand new tracks via Blue Rhythm Records NEW YORK, NY: September 25th 2012 – Bangkok, Thailand’s Terracotta is an up and coming acoustic Pop/Soul/R&B group that is making waves in Thailand’s music industry with its sultry heartfelt sound that is winning over fans across the country. Terracotta is … Read more

New Documentary Exposes Conscious Spreading of HIV Among Zimbabwean Sex Trade

In Zimbabwe some mothers are selling their bodies just to put food in their childrens mouths, putting their lives at risk in the process. Prostitution is a common survival mechanism in third world cultures, far too common with the other common aspect of it being AIDS. Many Documentaries have documented how in such countries as … Read more

Louderback Moving Services Most Favorably Reviewed Of Moving Companies

[button link=”” variation=”slate” size=”large”]Click to watch video:[/button] Since 1997, Louderback Moving Services, agent for Mayflower Transit has successfully moved thousands of families, offices and equipment. Louderback Moving Services is the most favorably reviewed of the moving Companies Allentown, PA has to offer. Our team has become noticed by Bloomberg BusinessWeek as Allentown’s most Preferred … Read more