Tamer Hosny – best Egyptian artist in the world.

Tamer Hosny is going from the best Egyptian artist in Africa to best Egyptian artist in the world.   Tamer Hosny a new name we have been hearing a lot recently after all his collaboration with different American and international artists such Snoop Dogg, R-Kelly, Shaggy, Aljandro Fernandiz, Akon, Busta Rhymes and many more. His … Read more

The Secret Spa Fitness Center Celebrities Don't Want You to Know About!

By: Pink Carpet Chic, Yahoo! Contributor Network Have you heard? There is a Secret Sexy Weight loss Spa in West Hollywood, California that the Celebrities don’t want you to know about! That’s right, I have uncovered the Secret! This Spa not only has first class work out equipment, (more on that later) it is Holistic! Meaning all … Read more

DC Life Magazine Needs Your Vote For Cultural Diversity

(Washington, DC) June 26, 2012 DC Life Magazine Is Looking Forward To $250,000 VOTE NOW FOR DC LIFE MAGAZINE Click the link below and Vote for: DC Life Magazine Headquarters in Triangle, Virginiaa CLICK HERE TO VOTE DC Life Magazine is looking to receive one of the $250,000 grants awarded by Chase and Living Social. … Read more

New reality show -The Director- premiers September -Tarik Freitekh

A new reality show, “The Director” will be premiered this September, directed and hosted by Tarik Freitekh.   A new reality show that shows the process of making a music video will be premiered this September. The show will demonstrate the real process in picking location, models, set design, dancers and even crew to make … Read more


Re: Thanks Dad! (A new and exciting childrens  book by Stanley G. Buford) SENIOR EDITORS:  ARPG Publishing is proud to introduce Stanley G. Buford and his new book: Thanks Dad!  The quality of the writing, the unique experiences of the author, and the national demand for well-developed; Children’s Books on child-rearing and education merit the … Read more

Designer Ashley Pecolia Launches Kickstarter Campaign

Ashley Pecolia, designer for AP for Women, officially launches her Kickstarter campaign project- Seeking donations to help launch her fashion line. Columbia, MD- May 26, 2012- AP for Women is a beautifully woven, brilliantly driven idea and it needs your help. Starting on May 25th, Ashley will launch her Kickstarter campaign with the hopes of … Read more

Mrs. DC America Supports the Heart of America Foundation Charity Event

Mrs. DC America Supports the Heart of America Foundation Charity Event APRIL 23, 2012- Washington, DC- Mrs. DC America 2012 is supporting the Heart of America Charity in Chocolate A Delicious Fashion Show and Celebration today at the National Building Museum. Members of the Mrs. DC America organization will attend the event and Hermona Kiros, … Read more

The World'€™s First Purse For Your Feet

Elizabeth Anne, a 27 year old entrepreneur from Vancouver, Canada, has created a major fashion innovation that she calls “the world’s first purse for your feet” – designer boots with interior pockets custom made to fit smart phones, house keys, credit cards and cash. After a 2 year journey of coming up with the concept, … Read more

Graham Alexander Transitions From Broadway To The Music Industry

  Graham Alexander, who starred in RAIN on Broadway in NYC stirred quite the attention of critics and audiences alike while performing in the show. These days however he is off doing what he does best as a singer/songwriter releasing an album in December (2011) accompanied with a new catchy video that is taking the … Read more