Mermaids of Cornwall by Amaya Hart

Mermaids of Cornwall

Two sisters and a handsome stranger…

Mermaids of Cornwall

A lonely cottage sits by the beach, peaceful. Serenaded by the sea, and the beauty of the surrounding hillside.  Home to two sisters – Olivia and Rosie — with uncanny abilities.

One morning, Rosie wakes up from a dream. And Olivia is petrified. The last time Rosie had a dream like that, their parents had died. When Rosie divulges the contents, the words, ‘something from the sea’, rings in Olivia’s head leaving her feeling more curious, and confused than before.

Soon they receive a parcel from the sea. The unconscious body of a man. Rosie discovers, while tending to him, that there is more to him than meets the eye.

The interjection of this stranger in the sisters’ sleepy lives leads them down a road latent with discovery. Not only of their shocking identities. But also of love.

How will the troika fare when they find themselves in a love triangle?

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