WriteNowLive: Carsna Development Series by Chris Lewis

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Welcome to the sixth story in the Carnsa Development Series, designed to be read in about an hour. It takes a closer look at change management models and things to consider when dealing with change in business. This semi-fictional story provides examples away from the office to help you relate to and understand change models and approaches to support implementation. It also explores change management as a career, including what is involved and the qualifications to help support it.

All projects will require some type of change, but the amount of change needed may be deemed large enough by some to classify it as a change project. There are various tools and techniques available for supporting change. Successful management of change projects will support effective adoption and ensure long-term positive effects. 

Why not check out some of the change models explored in this story. The models covered later include the classic Kotter change model, with a light touch of the ADKAR model. Other models include: 

· Lewin’s change management model

· Nudge theory

Some people are ready for change and embrace it. However, others are not prepared or actively resist it when it comes along. Claudia, the business analyst, bears this in mind and as a result, decides to use a model to support success for a significant change to a regular family activity.

At the end of the story, there is the standard summary, the usual quiz to test your knowledge, and some further resources to continue your Change Management journey. Perhaps it will help support your next change activity.

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