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Lingerie Lingerie fashion trends


Lingerie Lingerie fashion trends

Fashion trends have not bypassed, and this intimate part of every woman’s wardrobe. What are these fashion trends for the coming season?

Lingerie Lingerie often do not flaunt it, but it does not mean that he should not pay much attention. Scientists had proved that the underwear can affect the overall condition of a woman, her self-esteem and behavior. I think every woman would be interesting to see what changes await us. It’s not so easy to see the latest fashion trends.

High waist.

In vogue now wear high-waisted. This pants and skirts. Accordingly, the underwear must be high-waisted. Such models lingerie will help pull the tummy, waist to make a more subtle, to give a figure more feminine.

Innovative cups.

Upcoming seasons bring us a fantastic change in the form of a bra.

Expected to set up bras in the shape of the cup. Add to this new form of the underwear. Changes take place in fasteners and tissues. Planned to use unusual combinations of fabrics. Actual use of different fasteners, zavyazok or tapes.

Energy approval.

The tendency of the energy statement is viewed throughout the world fashion . Touched it, and lingerie. Dominant theme of power, a strong woman. This was reflected in the shape, color, style. Nothing will go unnoticed – garters, corsets, belts. The dominant color – black. In my head there is an image sort of female vamp in corset, stockings with a whip in his hand …

Costume party in Venice.

This is a magical event – costume party in Venice – inspired by leading designers of lingerie. fashion trend implies a variety of colors and an unlimited number of forms. Linen must repeat the line of outerwear, down to the details of finishing and decoration. Choose clothes and underwear natural, natural colors. Preference should be given warm tones. For decorative use precious stones, tassels, ruffles and lace. Extraordinarily feminine and sexy lingerie.

Line of the future.

Fashion trend lines of the future involves structural forms. They are most clearly characterizes the vision of the future. The world of high fashion dictates its own rules – the power, architectural views. As a result, fasteners and seams should be sharp with a frame.

Mysterious secrecy.

The most fashion able lingerie – minimizes body. It is no secret that there is nothing that excites male fantasies, like a puzzle. That underwear is a mystery. You could even say that the fashion able lingerie – it’s the return of past years. Very popular corsets, bodies, stockings with garters, balkonety, shorts or a skirt with a frill. But the fabric should always be rich, iridescent.

Modern women have to say thank you so much technology development. After all, modern lingerie perfectly corrects figure, pulled and lifts where necessary.

Every woman strives for individuality. This tendency causes the demand for exclusive lingerie made in a single copy. Of course, manually. Very popular things related craftswomen-lace. Not least is the comfort. All materials of construction for women’s underwear, should be natural.

These are the major fashion trends in lingerie. Every woman has the right to look attractive and sexy. This also helps this intimate piece of clothing.

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