MMBF Trust Announces Its Key Work is Education

International charity MMBF Trust’s key work is going to be in education within the arts and aviation sectors; founder Matthew C. Martino expressed the organisations passion to educate young future pioneers as he applauded the organisation’s work and projects thus far. Speaking to us Martino told us ‘MMBF’s key role will be in educating actors, filmmakers and pilots alike’

The UK based charity accepts applications for funding and offer grants towards aviation and arts related activities. As well as their individual funding them also partner with industry organisations to provide tailored awards and scholarships. Their current projects include the MMBF Rising Star Award which is currently being offered in partnership Cutting East Film Festival, Thurrock International Film Festival, Winchester Short Film Festival and Cornwall Film Festival to name a few, they also hold a filmmakers competition with Great Words a filmmakers platform.

The work and projects MMBF Trust is doing will gear more and more towards education as the charity is making provisions to go into schools as part of their 5-year Plan which Chairman Michael Tucker unveiled in March 2015. Martino has also spoken about the hardship of working in the non-profit sector ‘People don’t realise that you’re in Non-profit, a lot of organisations turn you away and a lot of potential partners don’t like working with charities. It’s been a tough learning curve for me and the team at MMBF.’

The MMBF (Matthew Martino Benevolent Fund) is a UK based charity that supports aspiring pilots worldwide through grants towards PPL, CPL and other pilot training courses and also supports filmmakers worldwide through training grants and bursaries, funding for first time filmmakers under 18 and provides sponsorship for film related events such as film festivals and film award ceremonies.

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