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Benifits of the Different Paint


Benifits of the Different Paint

Article by Eduardo Harding

Benifits of the Different Paint – Business

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In this day and age there are so many different paints to choose from that anybody that only slightly know what to choose can walk away with a headache. There are two major categories in which paint falls in and that is oil based and water based. Stains and also varnishes also fall in these same categories.Oil based paints have a gloss, semi gloss, or matte finish. It wears well and it provides an easy clean surface. It is good to use oil based paint on doors, windows, or jsut about anywhere that needs to have a finish that provides a protection. If you need a good washable surface you can also use oil based paint on ceilings and also on walls. It is never a good idea to paint over top of wallpaper because it makes it harder to remove from the wall.When painting with a water based paint it is so much easier to work with and the tools used can be washed with water. When painting your ceilings or walls water based paint is a good choice and also good for textured surfaced outside. On any new surface it is a good idea to use an undercoat or a primer. By doing this you will prevent any paint from being absorbed. Also by doing this it gives the paint something to stick to. The primer or the under coat that you use should be from the same manufacture. Also you can use a water based primer for an oil based top coat but it is not a great idea to use a oil based primer for a water based paint. The coats of paint that you will need depend on how porous the surface being painted is and the thickness that the paint is applied. The overall quality of the paint has a big factor too. Painting Like a ProPaint is a very common way to change any room in your home; it has the ability to change any dull room into a nice eye catcher. Many people like the effect paint has in many of their rooms in their home. Paint can be used anywhere and on anything just about. Just about anything can be painted using your choice of a brush, roller, spray, or a sponge. The way that the paint is applied depends on how the finished product will look.Before you start anything you should decide on what color you would like to paint. Paint swatches really do not give the true color that the paint will be. Bright and also darker colors happen to look stronger on walls, ceilings and woodwork. Another thing to remember is that pale colors tend to fade. Prior to buying a bunch of paint just get a small sample and paint a small area to be certain that the color is right. If it is a color that you are planning to have for a few years then it would be best to buy a little more then needed so you can match up the paint at a later date if needed.Once you have the paint that you will require you need to think about what you will be applying the paint with. I myself find that when painting woodwork it is best to use a brush and using a roller for ceilings and walls and a sponge for when close to the wall or ceiling. You need to pick a few brushes or rollers that are different sizes so you can use them in the middle and the close to jobs. After you are finished you need to clean all of your brushes in the proper solvent, the proper solvent will be stated on the side of the can. While you are painting and you need a break, store your painting tools in a plastic bag by doing this it will prevent your brushes and things form drying. If you painting job is going to last for a few days you could seal the tools in a plastic bag and store then in the freezer for overnight.For more information about Painter Charlotte NC and home building projects, visit

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