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Home improvement must pay attention to indoor pollution paint – paint, pollution, decoration – build


Home improvement must pay attention to indoor pollution paint – paint, pollution, decoration – build

Article by hi joiney

Paints and coatings in which hazardous substances are? 1? Paint. Benzene, volatile compounds, mainly from the paint out, benzene, toluene, xylene is indispensable paint solvents. 2? A variety of paint coatings Additive And thinner. Benzene in various Building Decorative Materials Abundance of organic solvents, such as decoration, commonly known as the day that water is thinner, the main ingredients are benzene, toluene, xylene. 3? All Glue Viscosity. In particular, solvent-based adhesives in the decoration are still some markets, most of which use the solvent toluene, which contains more than 30% of benzene, but because of the price, solubility, adhesion and other reasons, some companies also use. Some families buy a sofa release a lot of benzene, mainly due to the use of benzene in the production of high adhesive. 4? Waterproof . In particular, some with original material made into thin powder plus water-resistant coating, operating 15 hours after detection, indoor air benzene concentrations than the state allows a maximum of 14? 7 times. 5? Some low-grade and fake paint is caused by excessive amount of indoor air benzene important reason. Paints and coatings in the harmful substances, and what are the hazards? 1? Chronic benzene poisoning, mainly benzene to the skin, eyes and upper respiratory tract have a stimulating effect. 2? Long-term inhalation of benzene can cause aplastic anemia. 3? Women to benzene and its homologues harm sensitive than men, toluene, xylene have some effect on the reproductive function. 4? Benzene can cause fetal birth defects. How to prevent the hazards of benzene in indoor air? 1? Decoration as far as possible consistent with national standards and decoration materials, less pollution, which is to reduce the benzene content in indoor air fundamental. Manufacturers such as regular use of paint, glue and paint, use water-based non-polluting or less polluting materials, while drawing attention to the adhesive of choice because of various provisions of the current building decoration industry, there is no requirement on the use of adhesives, ordinary people no experience, decoration companies want what is available and easy to be ignored. 2? Construction technology choice. Some decoration used in the construction of 107 rubber with paint instead of the practice of closed walls, the result increased the content of benzene in indoor air, there is water in the paint and do, the construction process is not standardized, making indoor air benzene significantly increased, and some residents that a Home improvement Repair, the whole floor is taste, and this high concentration of benzene in the air is very dangerous, not only poisonous and very prone to explosion and fire. 3? Should strengthen the construction workers, labor protection. Should try to pay attention to the construction site of ventilation to reduce the benzene in workplace air on the human body. Paints, coatings construction sand fear the weather, because of the dust falls on the film will affect the brushing effect, therefore, are generally in the construction Doors and windows Closed in the conduct of the. If brushing large, indoor temperatures are high, long construction time, accumulation of benzene in the air is too high, can lead to poisoning, must be careful not to stay in a closed room. 4? To keep indoor air clean. This is to eliminate indoor harmful gas effective ways. Effects can indeed use indoor air purifiers and air ventilation equipment. Or open the windows when the outdoor air good ventilation, is conducive to indoor and discharge of harmful gas emission. 5? Renovated room should not be moved immediately. Bedroom decoration is complete, to maintain good ventilation housing, benzene, and organic compounds to be released some time after the living. 6? To enhance the safety of the construction site of the paint Management . Do not brush the paint and furniture, construction projects, including heating, wooden floors installed with dry carpentry, wood, paint, paint, etc. not to mix different materials together, or a room should be kept separately. Paint and other flammable materials should be kept in ventilated place. Can not smoke at the construction site, throwing cigarette butts. Construction site to prepare fire extinguishers.

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