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How to Become a Music Teacher (in New York State)


How to Become a Music Teacher (in New York State)

Things You’ll Need:

Your formulate or an instrument

Practice, practice, practice


Take lessons. If you absence to impart band, orchestra, or a certain instrument, such as guitar or piano, ascertain your instrument. Study after a professional, and act in suchlike groups your academic offers. If you are previously out of anticyclone school, accept lessons. If you absence to impart chorale or voice, accept formulate classes and affiliate a chorus.


Apply to melody school. You behest addiction to adjudge a accredited melody brainwash so as to focuses on melody education. Colleges such as SUNY Potsdam (Crane School of Music), SUNY Fredonia, Ithaca, Eastman School of Music, Juilliard, and frequent others bid aggregate melody development programs.


Audition. You behest addiction to assay at the melody schools you be appropriate at so be assured to conserve practicing!


Take courses. Depending on whether you are studying voice, piano, guitar, a army instrument, or an orchestra instrument, you behest accept changing courses so as to add melody theory, melody history, "tech" courses anywhere you ascertain the alternate instruments, lessons, composition, and melody development courses.


Student Teaching. You behest be located in two settings for any weeks in which you billow the capacity as a teacher. The arterial academic of the classroom behest be present to activation you off and barometer you, but above the circuit of folks weeks, you turn out to be the teacher. (You are not salaried for this).


Complete your amount and test. At the close of your amount program, you behest addiction to accept any NYS tests counting the LAST (Liberal Arts and Science Test), ATS-W (Assessment of Teaching Skills), and CST-Music (Content Specialty Test).


Fingerprinting. Get your fingerprints done, and consign them in to the state.


Certification. Apply for your certification, and acquiesce your continue to schools for a job!! Once you are accredited in NYS, at the age of this article, you behest be accredited to impart any music, grades Pre K – 12.

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