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oil painting

Oil (an oil painting; a painting in oils) is to use quick-drying vegetable oil (linseed oil, poppy oil, walnut oil, etc.) and mix paint, the painting Papua linen, cardboard or wood on the production of a genre . Paint thinner used for the volatile turpentine and dry the linseed oil. The attached picture paints a strong hardness, when the screen after drying, long-term to maintain luster. Transparent pigments and hiding power with performance to more fully describe the performance of the object, colorful, three-dimensional texture and strong. Western oil painting is one of the main genre.

15th century oil painting was formerly in Europe before the egg tempera painting subsequently by the Netherlands painter Jan van Ike (Jan Van Eyck), (1385 年 -1441 years) of painting materials to be improved to flourish.

Descendants of the painting by Jan van Ike-depth development of artistic skills to make a unique contribution to its reputation as the “father of oil painting.” Modern painting and more to reconcile with linseed oil paint, in the treated cloth or paint on wood, because the oil paint dry does not change color, does not become dirty reconcile a variety of colors, the artist can draw a rich, lifelike color. Opaque oil paint, strong coverage, so the painting can be from dark to light, layer by layer coverage, the resulting three-dimensional painting.

Oil has become the main body of the history of Western painting, paintings, are now surviving paintings are mainly of Western painting. Over time, the gradual development of painting life, most notably the “Mona Lisa” performance of an ordinary woman and widely circulated. The late 19th century, due to technological development, many new materials used in oil fields, such as acrylic paints, paint and so on.

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