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Painting in New Zealand can seem overwhelming.  The first steps include selecting which room, furniture, designs, and colors are to be used, but the next step is knowing which paint to use. Most colours are designed specifically for interior use or exterior use and it is vital that the correct one is used on the correct surface.  It is most effective to learn about which effects different house colours can have in order to achieve a professional look.  When looking for the best painters Christchurch offers a variety of experts who can argue about whether oil or water based paints are best.  Oil colours are glossy and impermeable to water, however, if it gets damp beneath the paint it will bubble up.  Oil paints possess stronger, overpowering odours.   When working  with oil paints make sure the room is sufficiently ventilated. Water based paints are often used for the exterior.

 These paints allow the house to breathe without cracking as easily.   Water based ones are better for the environment.  Regardless of whether you are doing the job yourself or looking for professional tradesmen. Christchurch paint suppliers will have primer paints, enamel paints, acrylic, and anti-condensation available to purchase. Primer paints are used to seal the surface if it is new and also to grip smoother surfaces.   Made for all surfaces, primer is available in a multi-purpose form or specific for plaster, metal, or wood.  Enamel is more expensive than the rest, but replaces the need for any primer on bare wood or metal. Acrylic paints are water based and can be applied directly to wood allowing it to breathe and keeping moisture out.   These paints dry very fast without flaking.  When one needs to know which paints to use for homes talk to painters Christchurch based as they will be able to give you information you need.  Anti-condensation paint is meant specifically for kitchens or bathrooms where water vapour is often present. Interior paint finishes include five primary types. These are flat paint, eggshell paint, satin paint, semi-gloss paint, and a gloss paint finish.   For surfaces which are not worn much, flat paint finish is best. It hides small imperfections by not reflecting light and being easy to wash.  Eggshell paint finish has a slight sheen.  For interior walls where there are children running through the house, it is perfect since it is easier to clean than flat paint finishes.   Imperfections are hidden through the matte finish. Satin paint is best for bathrooms as well as kitchens and any other rooms whose surfaces are cleaned frequently.   It withstands being scrubbed frequently.  Semi-gloss is often used for doors, cabinets, or trims.  These surfaces, however, should be sanded down with all holes filled prior to laying on the finish since imperfections are easily noticed. Lastly, gloss paint finishes are very shiny.  Many people avoid using them for the interior.   Projects such as adding a fresh look to front doors are perfect for gloss finishes.

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