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Preservatives in the application of paint coating – preservative coating paint – paint industry


Preservatives in the application of paint coating – preservative coating paint – paint industry

Article by jekky

HC coating Network News: 1 Introduction Coating is Pigment Or dye, Adhesives And various chemical Additives In water (or Solvent ) Formed in the mixture evenly dispersed mixture system. The coating Membrane material Most of natural or synthetic polymers formed most contains the required microbial nutrients, thus coating the micro-organisms, mold growth and development provides a good nutritional condition, to a certain temperature, humidity, and when there is no suppression of material will breed, so that damage paint. Therefore, the design formula should consider joining the mold, Antiseptic. 2 microbial growth conditions Bacterial microorganisms as organic beings. Once contaminated paint, as long as there is a certain temperature, humidity, water will be suitable for rapid growth and reproduction, resulting in coating of corruption, therefore the understanding of such basic terms, is to prevent the paint was damaged and an important means to control its growth. basic needs of water organisms, if more than 15% moisture content coatings have enough water enough to microbial growth. Nutrition coating material is most natural and synthetic polymers, that is, almost all the ingredients can be a source of microbial nutrition. humidity most of the optimum temperature for microbial growth (10 ~ 50), high temperature can inhibit some bacteria, but bacteria can form a sub-endogenous spores, resistance to temperature, these spores can be at very high temperatures survive, to grow under certain conditions, can sprout. pH value of the most suitable pH for microbial growth is 6 to 8, outdoor 4 to 9, also in the outside. pH value of 3 to 7 pm in the vitality of fungi strong. General, under these conditions, bacteria in the natural suppression. Most of the coating is generally neutral or alkaline, which is suitable for the growth of all organisms, and microbial damage very quickly. air atmosphere by microbial metabolism can be divided into three types, aerobic bacteria, anaerobic bacteria, three types of parasitic fungi. Aerobic bacteria can be any of a coating system, the growth of parasitic fungi in the presence or absence of oxygen can be carried out under the metabolism, growth in the paint section. Anaerobic bacteria can not stir the corner, in particular, can be found at the bottom of the tank, because the bottom of the hypoxia. 3 control and prevention of microbialSummary, to effectively prevent the infringement of microorganisms on the coating must be controlled and monitored from the following points. (1) the relative paint coating preparation, the preparation time is too long, the higher the probability of erosion by micro-organisms, it should be configured to avoid prolonged storage of paint. (2) process water control microbes into the paint in the first line of defense is the water, good water control is particularly critical, therefore, can take all the necessary treatment measures, such as: chlorine or bleaching powder added. (3) Additive Prepared under certain conditions, a good additive to accelerate the growth of microorganisms. Therefore, additives are usually paired in the preparation of the solution just before coating to prevent deterioration configuration for too long. (4) equipment design and environmental factors control the coating operation temperature, pH, coating the working frequency is higher, the system expected to save buckets in the paint supply some cases as small as possible to prevent the growth of microorganisms in the large to avoid falling into the dust. (5) cooking system, paint deterioration, once discovered, should be immediately drained. At the same time in order to avoid contamination of the next feed. Paint preparation system should be thoroughly cleaned, the best cleaning method is to acid or alkaline cleaning system. (6) Although the above methods to add preservatives to reduce microbial damage caused by infection, but can not control the question of harm microbes, while wasting a lot of working hours and financial resources, it is necessary to add preservatives to solve the paint corruption. 4 choice of preservatives People always strive to create conditions for vision with the minimum amount of preservative to achieve the most excellent preservative effect, so select the preservative from the following considerations: (1) activity in the high range, can effectively inhibit bacteria, mold, yeast and so on.(2) and products of organic and inorganic components have excellent compatibility. (3) in the recommended concentrations without toxicity.

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