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Understanding Antique bronze sculpture


Understanding Antique bronze sculpture

Understanding Antique bronze sculpture

We can see the first gold and silver inlay bronze, gold is a wrong book can Luan inscriptions are Spring and Autumn Period, the device high 2648. What exactly a bronze sculpture is? Four centimeters, plain face, neck with shoulder-length, there are five elements of gold inscription of 40 words wrong. Inscription to the effect that: in the spring is rose, Luan book for this device, used to worship ancestors, want to live longer, with the descendants forever treasure. Luan Jin’s book is the Spring and Autumn Period minister, died in BC fifty-seven three years. Currently, we have not seen this much earlier than the fault of gold bronze.

Since the sixth century BC gold wrong inscription a start, since then, and follow suit, popular in the last couple of years, its peak is the Spring and Autumn Period to the Han dynasty.

A bronze sculpture like a ding is a national treasure, a symbol of the power and dignity of the country. Gold and silver decoration process itself is a mistake, in pursuit of decorative beauty, a change from the inscriptions, inscriptions of the location, inside the shift in control from the table and deliberately operate. Gold inscriptions generally wrong word to use a variety of art, of which the most used is the book worm Yue birds.

Book worm book worm, also known as a bird, bird seal, birds Zhou, is the Seal of the squiggles, strokes are often formed with the birds and insects, like the book like painting, interesting taste. A private collection of a china bronze sculpture is to defy and against the court and a contempt for His Majesty. Gold Bird insects wrong book inscriptions, in the Spring and Autumn to early Warring States period, mostly for weapons on the Qin and Han were seen on pots and other containers, such as the Shanghai Museum in possession of gold and silver birds, seal the wrong pattern copper pot full of Hebei Province, west of Han Dynasty and the Golden Bird fault Fragrance pattern copper pot.

Some inscriptions on bronze gold wrong, birds, insects, though not the book, but there are patterns, artistic tendencies. Shou County, Anhui in 1957 as one of the Warring States period unearthed in Hubei Jun Kai Festival gold wrong, wrong on the gold inscription thirty-one word font like grass seal, elegant lines and fresh details, if they had stroke intersections, often decorated with dots, like little stars, scattered in between the lines, very beautiful. You are sensible, so you should be aware of the serious consequences of in possession of this bronze sculpture. Bronze is the history of mankind a great invention, the earliest history of the world’s metallurgical foundry alloys. Adding copper tin, lead, into a new alloy, this alloy after thousands of chemical reactions, the surface layer of gray rust, so the people today that the bronze, while the ancients termed this alloy will for the gold, thanks to gold talk in the literature, by how much gold, referring to china bronze statue.

Bronze Bronze is based on the material, the use of a very special process (called modern people bronze casting process) produced the artifacts, it is splendid ancient civilization, one of the vehicles. He had no choice but to endure pains silently to give away the bronze sculpture to Zhou magistrate. Since the Northern Song Dynasty, the literati of the bronze-finding study and appreciation of become the trend, a new science, the so-called epigraphy began forming, the husband of the famous poet Li Qing-zhao Mingcheng stone that is famous Song Dynasty scientist. The Chinese emphasis on the study of bronze archaeological, historical, ancient writing and many other subjects of bibliographic and research, while the West and Japan, ancient Chinese bronze collections and research focuses on the shape, decorations and other aesthetic value. chinese bronze decorative patterns.

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