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Food Fair at Long known food brands in Henan as aristocratic culture – Food Fair, food – Food Indust


Food Fair at Long known food brands in Henan as aristocratic culture – Food Fair, food – Food Indust

Article by jekky

Interview Guests: Secretary-General of Boao Forum for Asia LongInterview Time: May 16, 2010 PMInterview Location: China (Luohe) Food Industry ForumYesterday afternoon, the famous economist, the Boao Forum for Asia Secretary-General Long Luohe first to take part in China (Luohe) Food Industry Forum. He was at the scene, is a popular character’s welcome, not only because of his special status, but also because of his quips, quick word fast language. Henan should be how to create their own brand-name food industry? As China’s accession to the WTO’s chief negotiator, who was on how and foreign representatives of food safety…… in the forum space, the reporter conducted an exclusive interview on the Long. About Food Expo praise Food Fair is fair civilians, both to attract exhibitors and attract woman Reporter: Do you eat the morning to participate in the Fair’s opening ceremony, also visited the site, how kind of feeling? Long: I have attended many fairs, also attended the opening ceremony of many, did not think the food exposition Luohe so many people, food expo attracted a lot of local people, the old lady, what a child kind of people have. I think this food exposition is very good, close to the people, civilians are indeed fair. Now a lot of exposition was very professional, very far away from the people, I think the fair not only to attract exhibitors, have attracted the old lady, or should be shaped into a people’s festival. Reporter: Luohe Food Fair has been held eight, what do you see the city of Luohe city to do positioning of food? Long: It can be said positioning Luohe from the city to find its own industrial advantages. Luohe the development of food industry, industry characteristics are distinct. Now we are positioning the homogenization of urban domestic serious, you and I engage in tourism to promote tourism, you’re an auto I have engaged in cars, in fact, or should be doing something not done. Industry homogeneity is not only a waste of resources, excessive production capacity, but also easy to form a vicious competition. Luohe the food industry as its main development directions, using advantages of its particular strengths, the nation’s cities, are good examples. In addition, the morning I also went to Sha, Li river, turned about, the two Creek Improvement Project Luohe also very good. The river walk, I found a point south town feel, which is very rare in the north. About Xinyangmaojian Maojian affect old friends in Xinyang, “May 7 cadre schools,” decentralization year Reporter: I see you walk Xinyangmaojian tea stall, special taste of what our Xinyangmaojian, how taste like? Long: ah, the color are very good flavor and taste of my drink, like a few decades ago. I went there and stopped Xinyang tea stand is because I recalled the past. “Cultural Revolution” period, the ministry’s “57 Cadre School” in Xinyang, I also spent a year in Xinyang, very emotional in Xinyang. Unexpectedly Guo Gengmao governor also came, we sat together drinking tea, great feeling. About Food safety pounded his desk to join the WTO negotiations because of “food security” Reporter: You also visited the morning Shuanghui Group meat processing plant, I think you are very concerned about food safety issues. Long: Yes, I visited the Shuanghui this was very exciting, especially to see Shuanghui on food hygiene, safety measures are refined to the trotters of the hairs on each. Land of China there have been so proud of us business exciting. 90’s of last century, when we started negotiations on accession to the WTO, our food security has not enough attention was still filling of meat and other domestic issues. If there was such a meat processing enterprises Shuanghui, we can avoid a tough negotiation. Can be said that joining the WTO negotiations, the most painful negotiations in agriculture, agriculture, the most painful is that negotiations on food safety issues. Reporter: Why? Long: Food safety is a major, internationally sensitive. WTO accession negotiations, a few I pounded his desk because of food safety.

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