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Oak Furniture for the Dining Room


Oak Furniture for the Dining Room

Article by Iainjenkin

Whether you are a first time home buyer or someone who has lived in their house for many years, purchasing furniture can be a huge decision. Because of its enormity, homeowners want to make sure that the furniture they purchase reflects their lifestyle, is functional, serves a purpose, shows off their personality and style, and is of good value and quality.Choosing furniture for any room in a house is important. However, furnishing a dining room is most likely to be one of the more challenging decisions. In many homes, the dining room is considered the nicest room in the house. Whether homeowners like to entertain a lot or not, the dining room is often the focal point. It is where the family congregates, eats and enjoys each others company. When furnishing a dining room, oak furniture is a good place to start. Oak furniture is strong, durable and sturdy. It can fit into any style, whether vintage or contemporary. Almost any kind of furniture can be made from oak from including dining room furniture and dining chairs. If cared for properly, oak furniture can last a long time.OakOak is a type of wood that is known for being hard wearing and resilient. It has grain markings which most people consider attractive. While over 600 types of oak exist, the two primary types used in furniture making are white oak and red oak. White oak is more durable than red oak and is used in indoor and outdoor furniture. Red oak is not quite as strong as white oak, but many people consider it to be more beautiful. Red oak is primarily used in flooring and kitchens. However both red and white oaks can be a good choice dependant on circumstances.Types of OakOak furniture comes in both solid oak and veneer oak furniture. Solid oak is just as its name states. Veneer oak is oak used in combination with other materials such as pine or plywood. Whilst still a good option, veneer oak is not as durable as solid oak furniture. On the other hand, veneer oak is often more affordable in the short term and more fashionable. However, if looking for quality, solid oak would be the way to go. Although more expensive upfront, in the long run solid oak furniture is likely to be more cost effective because unlike easily damaged veneer oak it will not need replacing if cared for well.MaintenanceIf cared for on a regular basis, oak furniture can be relatively easy to maintain. All that is typically needed is once weekly dry dusting. For areas with build up of dirt, a slightly dampened cloth can be used but the wet spot must be dried immediately. If the wood is not dried, a water mark is likely to result.When more attention is required, it is suggested that lemon oil be used. The oil should be applied directly to the rag. This will help minimise any staining on the furniture. Oak furniture can also be polished. While furniture polish will make the dining room furniture and dining chairs shine, it will also hold more dust. Because of this, consistency in dusting will be of even greater importance.Dining Room Furniture, Including Dining ChairsOnce you have decided on the type of oak to be purchased and your price range, many choices still remain. There is much variety in styles of oak dining room furniture. From missionary to traditional to Amish to contemporary, there is likely to be a style to suit everyone. Homeowners will need to decide the specific type of dining room furniture to be purchased. For example, a full dining room set can be bought, including dining chairs. However for a more eclectic look, a mix and match of pieces could work. The dining room table could be purchased separately from the dining chairs. The variety of dining room furniture and dining chairs is simply immense. Fold down tables, long tables, arm chairs, high back chairs… basically, anything a homeowner could ever want. In addition, custom furniture could be specially made too giving even more options.The possibilities within oak furniture, including dining room furniture and dining chairs, are endless. Material, quality, affordability, design and functionality should be considered. By doing so, a homeowner will be off to a good start and can start shopping today.

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