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Beautiful Skin

Beautiful skin starts with a good diet and good sleep habits. Everyone admires beautiful skin. You can do a lot to nurture beautiful skin right at home; you don’t necessarily have to go to beauty salons for expensive treatments. Beautiful skin is a sign of good health and comes from a healthy lifestyle. It is nurtured by proper diet and the correct amount of sleep. You can work towards beautiful skin with a consistent healthy lifestyle.

The skin is the largest organ and eliminator of wastes, so various problems such as acne, eczema, dryness, rashes and so on can be indicators of health issues regarding the proper intake of nutrients and proper elimination. Of course, proper hygiene can be involved as well.

To indicate how a problem with the skin can indicate a more general health issue, let’s take a simple example. If the body has a simple scrape or cut, the blood hurries to create a scab.

If there is a problem in creating the scab, that is not a problem of the skin as much as a more organic problem involving the blood and it’s ability to clot and create scabs. It might be called hemophilia. So paying attention to the skin can be a general health indicator.

It pays to study the nutrition needed for the skin. Citrus fruits, dark greens, and fish are all good for the skin. These provide Vitamins C, A, protein, Omega 3 oils. In reality, you cannot smear on a cream to take the place of good nutrition. You need to start with the building blocks of health for good skin.

Good skin can be enhanced by proper make-up. Today there are mineral make-ups that are healthy for the skin. But make-up alone cannot take the place of the glow of good, healthy skin.

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