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Familiar and unfamiliar car beauty knowledge – Car beauty, beauty knowledge – automotive supplies in


Familiar and unfamiliar car beauty knowledge – Car beauty, beauty knowledge – automotive supplies in

by Tucia

Article by hi joiney

” Auto Beauty “I believe the word is not new for the modern man, but really know and understand the word is few. I contacted Car Beauty in this area has no less than two years to a lot of owners on the car during the exchange over experience beauty, beauty of the car has also been a lot of understanding and view of the requirements to be a number of owners, I order the special beauty of this car for the majority of owners of the exchange. “Car beauty” means popular about different materials for each part of car maintenance conditions required by different types of car beauty care products and construction techniques, maintenance of the car for a new nursing. Car beauty can be understood as waxing, except stains, odor, dust and car cleaning services inside and outside the conventional beauty care, and bring honor to the car finish, waxing, polishing, coating and scratch depth processing, all paint surface beauty, anti-corrosion coating processing chassis and engine maintenance care and a series of surface renovation. In general, professional automotive beauty, through the construction of professional personnel, advanced equipment and hundreds of articles, after dozens of procedure, from the body, car room (carpet, Leather , Velvet, instrumentation, audio, roof, hot and cold drafts, food stalls and other areas of high pressure dust collector, cleaning, polishing), the engine (to avoid demolition clean), steel ring Tire , Chassis, Bumper And oil circuit for vehicle processing, the old become new car and maintain long-term, and on the deeper scratches can be a special quick repair. Regular car beauty of the vehicle, but also can effectively prevent oxidation of car paint and maintain gloss finish; prevention compartments Air pollution To avoid the growth of bacteria, mold velvet, leather aging, protect the health of passengers and vehicle owners and drivers mood. Can be seen that car to do car beauty is not an easy task, I once had a friend since the moment of convenience and cheap, casual look of a beauty shop to do a car interior cleaning the final result is led to his love of the car there are several parts of the fading. So I suggest that if you want to car owners do need a car beauty professional construction project construction, or to those well-known large-scale automotive beauty decorating shops, in the case of small price difference between quality assurance can be good , and the service is relatively in place. Such well-known in Shanghai Auto Accessories Company “Anji yellow hat”, according to the author know, Angie yellow hat is a joint venture subsidiary of SAIC, brand protection, and its adhering to the philosophy of Japanese yellow hat also fully demonstrated their professionalism. I also understand that the ongoing Anji Yellow Hat “car beauty Festival” during the event by virtue of their membership card (currently Angie yellow hat official website “News” has free admission events, admission, while members of the value of 1143 yuan gonna take care of cards and crystal car stickers.) automotive beauty of all the main card are entitled to 7 discounts, and also attached to the project have a minimum 7.5 card discount, in the expanding consumer environment, but on those car owners words, it can be said is keep a car’s good news. The author believes that beauty is a vehicle to achieve “change old new, new cars depreciate, life extension gain” for the purpose, as opposed to China’s auto consumption, car beauty is even more important, after all, we have always been concerned about the preservation thing.

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