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There was no makeup makeup victory secret – bare makeup, beauty, cosmetics – beauty salon industry


There was no makeup makeup victory secret – bare makeup, beauty, cosmetics – beauty salon industry

Article by jekky

Bare the secrets of makeup, you know? Korea States United States Yung leading authority?? Kim Chang Gyu Him, and in cosmetics research over 40 years, served as president of the Korea Cosmetic Association, a permanent member of the World League of cosmetic chemists and other post. In 2001, due to the outstanding contributions to the development of cosmetics, who have been meeting with South Korean President Kim Dae-jung, and awarded the “Medal of Science and Technology Xiongfei.” He is the L & R & D people Dr. Jin Changkui, eminent Korean beauty. L &?? For loving A beautiful wife to fulfill commitments Korean cosmetics industry, as the climax of experts, to see his wife the right to buy cosmetics and worried about when is undoubtedly a blow. “At the time, I told my wife that there must be a future favorite makeup base you come out, it must come from my hands.” A commitment of love, everyone applies a “life Yan” looking finish It is not only popular in Korea selling the perfect-looking finish, it is a myth of love! 1998, the Korean cosmetics industry suffered after the Asian financial turmoil, the economic downturn, Dr. Jin Changkui decided to research and development as “the future Investment “To promote skin research, develop a range of functional materials, in-depth performance cosmetics Test And achieved remarkable results. After three years of painstaking research and development, led by Kim Chang Gyu, the team has finally achieved a ground-breaking progress made and natural looking finish while the two effects have Concealer, L & silver radiant combination of classical perfection was born. Korean makeup as young fresh nude L & flawless radiant classic combination of silver, the Concealer and natural breakthrough for the perfect combination to create a classic combination of Korean nude makeup. In Korea, such as L &-looking finish is called “Health Yan” looking finish, that is not defective, makeup natural sense of meaning. “Flawless, natural, simple,” is a consistent L & evaluation of users, but also L & A has been adhering to the concept of innovative skin care. This came from South Korea’s “Health Yan” looking finish combination, can effectively cover facial spots and dark circles, brightens the skin tone, refine pores modified and oriented with the Palm in a sense more natural-looking finish makeup! Meanwhile, L & very convenient to use, no special skills, simple steps, anyone can change into the perfect-looking finish, clear and perfectly clear skin cute. Today, the Korean classic nude makeup?? L & came to China to bring Chinese women cutting-edge fashion and the new South Korea, “Health Yan” to enjoy more and more beauty-conscious women will continue to sublimate this beautiful miracle constantly passing. Health Yan: the Concealer and natural for a perfect combination, in Korea, such as L &-looking finish is called “Health and Yen.” Have won without makeup nude makeup fashion makeup Korean women said to be the world’s best make-up of women, especially small and exquisite Korean bare makeup, always able to create your makeup like a star temperament. Bare makeup, by definition, looks as if not of had the same makeup makeup. Obviously not the slightest trace of the makeup, but looks elegant than usual number?? This is a “bare makeup,” first impression. 2007, the nude makeup wind in the autumn and winter fever! Whether big Hollywood star, or walking in the street girl next door, bare makeup of choice in recent years and summer seasons makeup, all perfectly clear naturally became the main theme. Bare makeup make your skin flawless out just like in natural beauty, which have revolutionized in the past gives the heavy make-up and ” Mask “The impression, as they double the pet fashion beauty fashion makeup. Lead this trend is the brand created by Dr. Jin Changkui L & Shuiyang skin texture, and lovely women do now, L & A to get Korean nude makeup to create “seamless”! From the late 90s of last century, the Korean bare transparent and glossy makeup gradually become mainstream, and show more popular in these quarters Make The color and painting, but to really maximize Korean bare makeup, only L & A, use the correct makeup before the primer, together with the foundation for your skin, creating a transparent, natural, but careful makeup.

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